How to verify a working with children check

A working with Children Check is vital for any one who works with children. It involves a national criminal history check and a review of of findings of workplace misconduct. For a parent, this means that if you hire a performer with a valid Working With Children Check, you have piece of mind knowing that this person can work with kids.

In this blog we will show you how to verify a WWCC in just a few simple steps.

Get the details of the person you’re checking

The working with children check uses data from the Roads and Maratime Service (formerly the RTA) so that means you need their full name and date of birth as it appears on their drivers license. You will also need their working with children check number that starts with a WWC.

Go to the working with children check site

Visit the Kids Guardian site and start the process. You will need to enter your details including name, email and reason for the check.

Then put in the persons details and make sure you spell things correctly. The site will give you an error even if there’s even the smallest mistake. Once done, click submit.


Go to your inbox to find the results of the check. You will get an email from the Kids Guardian website with the results. It’s a very basic looking email, but it covers all of the information you need.

working wiht children check result

This is the only way to verify a check. Do not accept a forwarded email from the person as it could be out of date or a forgery.

If the person has a cleared status, then you can hire them to work with children – its a simple as that!

All performers who work for Absolute Clowns have a valid Working With Children check.

The 5 things you must ask when booking entertainers

The entertainment industry is completely un-regulated. This means that anyone can advertise themselves with no formal qualifications or accreditations. While most performers want to do the right thing by their clients, there are some who will try and get away with anything they can. If you are booking a clown to come to your house or workplace, these are the questions you need to ask every performer you book.

What’s your full name?

While this may seem common sense, many performers use a stage name that is different from their legal name. This is obvious most of the time, but it’s always a good idea to double check.

What is your ABN?

Any performer you book should have an ABN. This allows you to do some basic background research and verify question one. You can look up an ABN here. If they don’t have an ABN, this is a serious red-flag: it suggests that they do everything under the table and may not satisfy questions three.

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

While 99% of performances go off without a hitch, sometimes the unthinkable happens and people get hurt. Public liability insurance covers the performer should anyone be injured as a result of their actions. If you want to be ultra-sure about their insurance, get a copy of their ‘certificate of currency’.


Double check that they are covered for the activities you are booking the clown for. This is always listed on the certificate of currency, and many performers are covered for more things than they normally do. A certificate of currency often looks like this:

Do you have a working with children check?

The working with children check is a service provided by the Office of the Childrens Guardian and is a pre-requisite for any one in child related work. The check looks at a persons background including any convictions, charges or juvenile records. People who have received clearance are monitored for five years which is the duration of the check.

Can I get that in writing?

To avoid any misunderstandings, get the performer to provide a list of inclusions in writing. This can just be a quick email or a formal invoice – this will vary from performer to performer.


With these 5 pieces of information, you should be on your way to having a fun filled day that goes off without a hitch.


In our next post, we will show you how to verify a Working with Childrens Check

Know your Clowns

It is a common misconception that all clowns are the same and that they all do similar things. In fact there are four different types of clowns, some of which have several sub categories. You may have seen some, or all of these clowns before not knowing that each has its own rich history and distinct personality. Let’s journey into the world of Clown…

Whiteface Clown

The whiteface clown is the most sophisticated of the clowns. Developed by Joseph Grimaldi in 1801, this character has the most extravagant costume that could include a ruffled collar and a pointed hat. The whiteface clown has all exposed skin covered, while some in Europe cover the ears and some other features in red and black.

Auguste Clown

The August clown is traditionally a joker or fool. This is a clever character that has a much lower social status to the whiteface clown. Traditionally, the whiteface clown will instruct the August Clown to do his bidding. The August is an anarchist, often deliberately causing trouble with the whiteface clowns plans. The Auguste Clown exaggerates his features with red, white and black makeup. Clothes are often too small or too large, in clothes with bold colours or prints.

Tramp, Hobo and Bum

The most prevalent character clown in the American circus is the hobo, tramp or bum clown. There are subtle differences in the American character clown types. The primary differences among these clown types is attitude: according to American circus expert Hovey Burgess, they are (in order of class):

  • The Hobo: Migratory and finds work where he travels. Down on his luck but maintains a positive attitude.
  • The Tramp: Migratory and does not work where he travels. Down on his luck and depressed about his situation.
  • The Bum: Non-migratory and non-working.

Character Clown

The character Clown adopts a character, usually mimicking a known profession in a society. This could be a police officer, baker, butcher, etc… Their makeup is a comic slant on a normal human face, exaggerating certain features.

This is just a brief insight into the world of Clown. We will go back further in history and further afield in future posts.


A guide to booking kids entertainment

Here at Absolute Clowns, we have been entertaining young and old at parties for over 20 years. With this experience, we know what works, what doesn’t so we have a few tips you should follow.

Our most popular events are kids birthday parties, christenings and wedding receptions.When people get in touch with us, they want to know what our clowns do, and how things progress.

This is what we tell them:

The Clown will start with a magic show that will go for about 20 minutes
After that, you have the choice of animal balloons, face painting and age appropriate games
How long the performer is there depends on the number of kids and the inclusions of your party package

We think it’s best to have your performer start 30 – 60 minutes after every one has arrived. If you’re starting around lunch or dinner time and plan to serve food, it’s best to allow about an hour so your guests don’t feel rushed.

The location of your party is up to you. It’s best to have an open space free of any obstructions or hazards. This could be an open indoor space or a back yard.

For outdoor parties, we always recommend a wet wither back up option. If the weather looks a bit gloomy in the week leading up to you party then you should plan for the party being held inside. Our performers are great at using any space and will happily adapt their routine for an indoor environment. Safety is always paramount, so this may mean there could be fewer running-around games if space is a bit tight.

We think that having your performer there for about an hour and a half is just right. It’s rare for performers to be booked for longer than two hours, and we usually only book this amount of time for really big parties.

Having one of our performers at your party is a great way to entertain the kids. This leaves you and your adult guests free to catch up and enjoy the day, without the stress of amusing your little attendees!

Hello and Welcome!

It is with much excitement that I welcome you to our blog.

This blog will cover a variety of different topics including the history of clowning, party ideas and games, balloon sculpting and running a small business.

So what do you want to read about? I would love to hear your topic requests – anything that is remotely related to clowns, theatre, parties or entertainment in general will be considered. Don’t hold back with your ideas – you might think something is silly, but it could be a goldmine for everyone else.

My hope is for this blog to become a journey into the world of clowns and circus, kids parties and growing a small business. Join me as we delve into the unknown 🙂