Jay Jay the Clown

Jay-Jay the Clown loves to play games with any one he can find. No party is too big or too small for lots of fun to be had. Jay-Jay can play old favourites like “Tunnel Ball” and “Stuck in the Mud”. New games like “Ship to Shore” are sure to keep the kids entertained. After games, Jay-Jay loves to make animal balloons for every one at the party.

Jasha began his clowning career at the age of 7, when his grandmother made a one piece outfit so he could perform with his father, Ruffles the Clown. Ever since then, Jasha has been performing in various forms. In primary school, he joined the very first dance troop in the schools history. In high school, he took up drama without question and went on to perform in many original group pieces, skits and full scale productions. Unable to stay away after graduation, he took on a challenging lead role in the following years production.

Away from the school yard, Jasha has worked as a Stage Hand Technician for TheatrElan in various productions. After seven ‘Gap Years’ in a row, which included travelling the world Jasha is now studying a Bachelor of Business Administration, training as a level one’ Gymnastics For All’ coach and is now following in his father’s clown shoes.