Ruffles the Clown

Ruffles the Clown is the friendly clown who is perfect for any kids party. Ruffles can perform a magic show that is sure to delight every one (even the adults!). Ruffles loves to play games and do competitions that every one can enjoy. He plays sack races, tug o’ war and even has his own parachute! Ruffles also can also make animal balloons for young and old! If you’re lucky, he might even do a little bit of face painting for you!

Born in Singapore, Ralph began performing as a solo tumbling clown on roller-skates for an “on demand” neighborhood circus extravaganza produced by his elder sister and recorded in glorious colour for posterity on 16mm. Educated in England he attained lead roles in productions both original and classic from the multiple judicial murderer in Agatha Christie’s “Ten Little Indians” to the role of Faust in Marlowe’s play. This all happened before taking up cabaret theatre at Cambridge University, a pursuit that climaxed with a performance of “Facts of Life” at Dartmoor Prison. In Australia he joined Phoenix Theatre in a series of productions that brought individual and group awards before continuing training at the Drama Studio in Sydney. From there he worked with Genesian theatre, other groups and in TV commercials both here and abroad. A civil and structural engineer, an accountant, and family man he now pursues further experiences in live performance with Absolute Clowns and beyond.