How to verify a working with children check

A working with Children Check is vital for any one who works with children. It involves a national criminal history check and a review of of findings of workplace misconduct. For a parent, this means that if you hire a performer with a valid Working With Children Check, you have piece of mind knowing that this person can work with kids.

In this blog we will show you how to verify a WWCC in just a few simple steps.

Get the details of the person you’re checking

The working with children check uses data from the Roads and Maratime Service (formerly the RTA) so that means you need their full name and date of birth as it appears on their drivers license. You will also need their working with children check number that starts with a WWC.

Go to the working with children check site

Visit the Kids Guardian site and start the process. You will need to enter your details including name, email and reason for the check.

Then put in the persons details and make sure you spell things correctly. The site will give you an error even if there’s even the smallest mistake. Once done, click submit.


Go to your inbox to find the results of the check. You will get an email from the Kids Guardian website with the results. It’s a very basic looking email, but it covers all of the information you need.

working wiht children check result

This is the only way to verify a check. Do not accept a forwarded email from the person as it could be out of date or a forgery.

If the person has a cleared status, then you can hire them to work with children – its a simple as that!

All performers who work for Absolute Clowns have a valid Working With Children check.